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MUSIC ARTISTIC EDUCATION - Rhythmics, first-cycle

Level of study: first-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: ogólnoakademicki Duration: 3 years

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Fields of studies and specializations

Conducting units


from 2020-05-01 to 2020-05-31 23:59:00




The primary aim of education in the Specialty of Rhythmics is obtaining qualifications to conduct classes using Emile Jaques-Dalcroze’s method.

Graduates in the Specialty of Rhythmics have a teaching qualification according to the Order of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 25 July 2019.

Graduates of first cycle studies obtain a BA diploma (licencjat) and are entitled to apply for second cycle studies. They have a teaching qualification to conduct:

  • rhythmics classes and general music subjects at primary music schools and ballet schools,
  • development through music classes at kindergartens and non-school education centres such as: culture centres, educational care institutions and facilities, music, theatre and ballet centres,
  • music classes at general education primary schools.

List of class teachers in the academic year 2020/2021 (subjects: Rhythmics and Piano Improvisation):

  • dr hab. Magdalena Stępień, prof. UMFC
  • dr hab. Aleksandra Dziurosz, prof. UMFC
  • Asst Prof. dr Agnieszka Widlarz
  • Asst mgr Marta Bogusławska
  • Senior Lect. mgr Małgorzata Bisińska-Pawińska
  • Senopr Lect. Wojciech Kaleta
  • Lect. mgr Monika Sojka
  • Lect. mgr Agata Pankowska

Admission rules

The enrolment procedure is competitive and its results are public.


  • rhythmics – sending an audio-video recording
  • ear training – oral test online (using the ZOOM app)
  • piano and piano improvisation with elements of harmony – sending 5 audio-video recordings

Scope of material

  • rhythmics:
    • for movement improvisation or movement composition for any musical piece,
    • for a two-voice exercise in which one voice is made with singing, the other with "gesto-sounds",

A candidate will receive (via the IRK system) the programme of the exam with tasks to perform. A candidate should make a video recording of the exercises he/she performs and send files:

  • file 1: video recording of composition or movement improvisation to any musical piece (duration up to 2 min.)
  • file No. 2: video recording in which the candidate performs a two-voice exercise consisting in the implementation of a melody (singing with solmisation) with simultaneous performance of the rhythm of the second voice with any "gesto-sounds".
  • ear training:
    • singing at sight
    • rendering a rhythmic passage
  • piano and piano improvisation with elements of harmony – performing the prepared programme:
    • piano:
      1. etude or polyphonic piece,
      2. sonata allegro or free piece,
    • improvisation:
      1. accompaniment to a given song for children (a prima vista),
      2. illustrative miniature,
    • elements of classical harmony:
      1. cadenzas, harmonizing of scales – practical rendering of the task on the piano

part about the piano:

  • files No. 1 and 2: containing video recordings of two songs selected by the candidate (recording time - up to 10 minutes in total).

part about improvisation:

  • file 1: video recording of the candidate's harmonization of the children's song (the notes of the song can be downloaded from the IRK system from 12.00 on the day preceding the date of the exam),
  • file No. 2: video recording of the improvised miniature of the illustration made by the candidate
  • file No. 3: video recording of the candidate's harmonization of the range (details of the task as above), recording time up to 1.5 min.

Exceptions from admission procedure

Prize winners and finalists of artistic “Olympics” competitions at the central level will be exempt from the enrolment procedure from the subjects the competition pertained to. In such a case they obtain the highest number of points for these given subjects.

Date of exams

06.07.2020 - 10.07.2020 (on-line)