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MUSIC ARTISTIC EDUCATION - Choir Vocal Studies, second-cycle

Level of study: second-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: ogólnoakademicki Duration: 2 years

Table of contents:

Fields of studies and specializations

Conducting units


from 2020-05-01 to 2020-06-20 23:59:00




The main principle is preparing graduates of 2-year MA studies ready to start a full-time job in professional philharmonic, radio, opera and chamber ensembles. Choir Vocal Studies graduates will also find employment at academic, cathedral or school choirs, or at singers’ associations as voice production instructors.

  • Main subjects: Individual Singing Class with Voice Production Teaching Methodics, Group Singing, Group Voice Production Methodics, Chamber Choir
  • Major subjects:  Singing at Sight, Gregorian Schola, Choir Practice
  • Basic subjects: Conducting, Piano with Accompaniment and A Prima Vista Playing, Vocal Phonetics, Basics of the Latin Language, Specialist Music Literature, Diction with Text Interpretation
  • General education: Seminar in MA Thesis, Foreigh Language, Humanities Subject, Optional Subject, Basics of Copyright Law

In the academic year 2020/2021 main subjects will be taught by:

  • dr hab. Dariusz Zimnicki, Prof. at the FCUM (Chamber Choir)
  • ad. dr hab. Piotr Olech
  • Lect. dr Waleria Przelaskowska-Rokita
  • Lect. dr Rafał Grozdew
  • Lect. dr Anna Bednarska
  • Lect. mgr Joanna Łukaszewska
  • Asst mgr Bartosz Michałowski (Group Singing)

Admission rules

The enrolment procedure is competitive and its results are public.


  • Entrance examination will consist of two major parts: vocal part (the decisive one) and general part (testing further predisposition). It will be concluded by an interview with a candidate.
  1. vocal part
    • vocal predisposition test – sending audio-video recordings
  2. general part
    • diction and text interpretation – sending audio-video recording
    • ear training - oral test online (using the ZOOM app)
  3. interview – online (using the ZOOM app)

Scope of material

  1. vocal part - vocal predisposition test
    • two vocal pieces (diverse in terms of style), one in Polish. Two forms allowed: with or without accompaniment. It is also possible to use background music available on the internet. Classical music repertoire from Baroque period to modern works – chamber, oratorio or operetta repertoire. Duration: 10-15 minutes.
  2. general part
    • diction and text interpretation – presentation of memorised fragment of verse or prose (free choice of piece) – from 4 to 7 minutes
    • ear training - test of proficiency in singing at sight and proficiency in rendering of rhythmic passages
  3. interview – topic connected with the chosen specialty


Date of exams

01.07.2020 - 06.07.2020 (on-line)