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INSTRUMENTAL STUDIES - Instrumental Pedagogy - Accordion Playing - repeated enrolment mode, first-cycle

Level of study: first-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: ogólnoakademicki Duration: 3 years

Table of contents:

Fields of studies and specializations

Conducting units


from 2020-08-01 to 2020-08-31 23:59:00




The studies are addressed to musically talented candidates who want to continue their music education and develop instrument playing skills.

When taking tests for the freshmen year candidates should have instrument playing skills at the secondary music school level and a general knowledge of music.

Graduates have the skills to practically apply their teaching and psychological knowledge, qualifying them to teach instrument playing (according to their Specialty) at different levels of music education. Graduates should have foreign language skills at a B2 level, in accordance with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages  of the Council of Europe. They are prepared to take up second cycle studies.

In the academic year 2020/2021 major subjects will be taught by:

  • Accordion:
    • dr hab. Zbigniew Koźlik, Prof. at the FCUM

Admission rules

The enrolment procedure is competitive and its results are public.


  • instrument – sending an audio-video recording
  • ear training – online test

Scope of material

  • accordion:
    • pre-classical period piece,
    • J.S. Bach — prelude and fugue (or an independent fugue),
    • cyclic piece (original music) – at least three movements,
    • free piece
  • ear training – online test:
    • perception of intervals, triads and four note chords,
    • music memory and imagination test,
    • analysis of polyphonic melodic and harmonic passages,
    • singing at sight,
    • rendering of rhythmic passages.

Date of exams

14.09.2020 - 18.09.2020 (on-line)