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VOCAL STUDIES - Solo Singing, first-cycle, Białystok

Level of study: first-cycle Form of study: full-time Education profile: ogólnoakademicki Duration: 3 years

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Fields of studies and specializations

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from 2020-05-01 to 2020-05-31 23:59:00




The studies are addressed to musically and vocally talented candidates who, while entering the enrolment procedure, should also present acting skills.

The Major prepares students for working at music theatres, opera, operetta, and for stage activity using different vocal forms – songs, cantatas and oratorios.

The curriculum covers both the subjects aimed at developing vocal technique (Solo Singing), vocal preparation of the repertoire consisting of different forms and styles (Work with Pianist, Opera Parts Development, Study of Recitative, Execution of Baroque Music, Chamber Music, Vocal Ensembles), as well as stage preparation (Basics of Play Acting, Diction, Dance, Style and Gesture). General music subjects and humanities develop students’ skills and widen their general knowledge. The curriculum also offers an option to acquire practical skills thanks to participation in opera performances, concerts and music events presented at the FCUM and other institutions of culture.

A graduate – holder of a BA degree (licencjat), equipped in basic knowledge and skills in solo singing, acting, stage movement and dance, is prepared for continuing their education at second cycle studies and for working as an opera/operetta singer, performer of songs, oratorios and other vocal works, in compliance with their vocal capacities and interests.

In the academic year 2020/2021 the major subject: Solo Singing will be taught by:

  • prof. dr hab. Cezary Szyfman
  • dr hab. Marta Wróblewska
  • dr hab. Adam Zdunikowski
  • dr Aleksander Teliga

Admission rules

The enrolment procedure is competitive and its results are public.


  • singing
  • acting and movement predisposition test
  • ear training – oral test

Scope of material

  • singing– A two-stage examination; a candidate prepares three free pieces, range: – chamber music, oratorio or opera, with piano accompaniment:
    • stage 1: performing one piece selected by a candidate,
    • stage 2: performing two pieces (one chosen by a candidate, the other chosen by the committee, it is acceptable to repeat a piece from stage 1)

The committee may check a candidate’s voice range on each stage.

  • acting and movement predisposition test:

acting predisposition:

  1. acting tasks using the texts candidates had prepared (ability to move away from the prepared interpretation),
  2. tasks given to candidates during the examination:
    • acting tasks using the texts candidates had prepared (ability to move away from the prepared interpretation),
    • acting tasks and acting studies on a given topic (no text, imagination and improvisation),
    • diction and breathing tasks, exercises testing the articulation apparatus for speaking, as well as diction accuracy of separate sounds.

dance and movement predisposition:

  • test of knowledge of steps of national Polish dances (polonaise, cracoviak, kujaviak, oberek, mazur),
  • test of body emotion expression, body space imagination and movement creativity thanks to performing a dance and movement study to background music (topics of studies and music pieces are prepared by examiners).

Required clothing that allows to perform dance exercises, and movement and gymnastics tasks, shoes for folk dances and shoes for gymnastics exercises.

  • ear training – oral test

Auditory predisposition and skills test including score reading, rhythmic exercises, identification of consonances including third inversions and seventh dominants, identification of major, minor, augmented and diminished chords, musical memory predisposition test.

Exceptions from admission procedure

Prize winners and finalists of artistic “Olympics” competitions at the central level will be exempt from the enrolment procedure from the subjects the competition pertained to. In such a case they obtain the highest number of points for these given subjects.

Date of exams

06.07.2020 - 10.07.2020 (on-line)